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Our discussions veer between the urgency that presents itself to us as a crisis cluster of destruction wrought by institutions (the state, the law, capitalist destruction of environments and people, medical inequities, education), persons(racisms from the patriotic to the casual, hatred of the feminine in all genders), all of the causalities we know and have analyses of that need movements and counterideologies, on the one hand; and the urgencies we sense in the room, the air, the airwaves, the net, in the sense of things as fragile, in the pervasiveness of anxiety and dread. Then, too, the registers of urgency in desire.

Urgency makes politics; it makes the political as a space of desire and longing and aversion. It is the emergency as exception, emergency as the ordinary, emergency as the sense of things emerging.

See rage


See OVERWHELMED, Being-Feeling

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state of emergency

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