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Like the emergency lights that line the aisles on aircrafts, no...
Like a mote in the eye, no...
Like the pea the princess can't sleep on, no...

But let's be serious. In the political sphere (as long as it's been governed by strategies of humiliation through bodily distortion, carnival, or grotesquerie) sex has always been a paradox; power gets you more of it, but exposure as appetitive gets you admired and makes you vulnerable to charges of corruption. So is that it, then? That where public feelings are concerned sex is a weapon, except when it isn't, for those whose carnivalesque displays are so "in your face" that you can't hear the reason behind it?

Or shall we talk about the increase of erotophobia that accompanies the pervasiveness of exposed flesh?

Or write our own version of the great Le Tigre song, "Hot Topic"?
"Susie Bright, Angela Davis, Andrea Dworkin, Saidya Hartman; Gayle Rubin and Leo Bersani, George Chauncey and Ron Athey, Halberstam, Edelman, and Orlean--Annie Sprinkle makes us tinkle..."

This is an impossible entry. Sex; sexuality; the flesh; it moves the earth, it moves us, it moves from mouth to ear; it's a measure of democracy; a name for a destructive and homemaking energy. What were we thinking when we put sex here? If any word was an incitement for revisionary distraction...

notes: nothing to say about sex? see PLEASURE; see SLOW; see [PAD THAI RECIPE]; see SHAMING

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