OVERWHELMED, Being-Feeling

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How could you not be or feel overwhelmed? The speed-up of advanced (some call it late) capitalism affects everything about our daily lives: our work (if we're fortunate enough to have it), our friendships and other relationships, our health, our thoughts, our desires, our dreams, our habits, our feelings, our sense of well-being, our viscera. The logic of capitalism is all about time: eking more and more productivity out of smaller and smaller increments of time. Customer service phone representatives at leading companies are pressed by management to reduce their conversations with customers by one-tenth of a second, a time-savings that translates into millions of dollars saved per year (or so claim the executives). Can you imagine?! There weren't even minute hands on clocks until the capitalist epoch. (See E.P. Thompson, “Time, Work-Discipline, and Industrial Capitalism,�? Past and Present, No. 38, 1967:56-97.) (See also http://www.fastcapitalism.com/)

And then there is information overload. How much does a person have to know these days? Of course that depends on what circles you run in, what your job is, etc., but any way you look at it, the amount seems towering. What should you be reading? How to sort through the mountains of information? It's enough to make you want to retreat from the world altogether.

Of course we're all feeling overwhelmed. You're not alone, it's one of the collective experiences of our time.

For interventions, see http://www.counterproductiveindustries.com/

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