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There's a lot of negativity about negativity in the air: critique fatigue. Anything but that Adornian ennui/despair, please, says the political customer at the table d'discourse: critique is deemed indigestible, blocking the pleasure of political optimism. The crise and precarity of the world seem to pressure us to pass more quickly through negativity: as in, "we already know _what the critique of _x is"; "we already know that marked identities are subordinated, deemed incompetent to liberal-idealist universalism". We know, we know: but what about a plan, project, opening? What about this case or that?) The nay-sayers seem always to be pooh-poohing even the puniest gesture of political optimism.

I like negativity. I like thinking about utopian imminence. I like what's inconvenient. I like tipping something over to see what the unsaids are, and I love risking facing the queasy compromises.

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