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Love is everywhere in the political air: it's a figure for the deepest reciprocal ties of recognition, of wanting to be there because there is the there that only exists when you direct yourself toward it. Baumann, Sandoval, Hennessey, Devi, Christianity (with its queer kinship: loving your neighbor), the 1960s, nations, the law, Marlon Riggs ( “Black men loving black men is the revolutionary act."). What do we think about love as a political feeling? As an aspiration? Is it a fantasy of an uncomplicated bond that has no rage in it, no lust, no aversion, no ambivalence, no ruthlessness? Or is that why love works so well to describe a ferocious political commitment beyond what's rational (I was going to say what's "sensible" but that's the point about political love, it's sensible in all senses.)?

"At the risk of sounding ridiculous… the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of..." Ernesto Che Guevara

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