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Hope is Embarrassing. (redface)

10 signs you might be hopeful (without knowing it)
1. You are angry
2. You are outraged
3. You feel dread
4. You feel depressed
5. You continue.
6. You fail.
7. You fail again.
8. Once more with failing.
9. Failing more, again.
10. There are 70,000 cooperatives in Venezuela
11. In your head, you have imaginary fights with powerful assholes.
12. Defeat is usual, but unimaginable.
13. You heart "Cranky PWA" (

does hope dematerialize the massive destruction around us?


collective hope?
we want everything and i want everything

part of culture industry is the hope industry

what is a simple desire?

taking hope from what?

does hope have to have an object? is it a process/attitude?

the affect you project around the political matters

fake hope?

having an attitude of openness toward unexpected moments of hopefulness?

what allows you to get out of bed in the morning?

exhausted and furious vs. hopeless
my anger muscle is exhausted

disbelief=mental rejection
outrage vs. inability any longer to be outraged
what is the sound of one jaw dropping (politics of jawdroppingness)
many jaws dropping in private

from outrage to outage

action: calling on the US to invade the US

how to be hopeful without knowing it
dread as hope
angry about something
outrage as hope
refusal to lower one's expectations
10 signs you might be hopeful (without knowing it)
1. you are angry
2. you are outraged
3. you feel dread
4. you feel depressed
5. living on
6. failing

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