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An on-going, non-exhaustive list of ideas about how to continue to intervene when it feels like you simply cannot any longer:

1. Actually, take a break. Breaks are key. They help.
2. Watch Lizzie Borden's _Born In Flames _one more time.
3. Talk to strangers, you'll get a good sense of how widespread the desire for change is.
4. Talk to friends, you'll get a good sense of how widespread the desire for change is.
5. Hang out with some animals, they have a way of rejuvenating.
6. Form an affinity group.
7. Doing an action might just feel better than doing the dishes.
8. Listen to Songs for the Politically Depressed.
9. Have sex.
10. Dance.
11. Read some history to remind you about other people's interventions.
12. Eat some delicious Thai food.
13. Don't be so hard on yourself.
14. Indulge yourself in, say, homicidal lesbian terrorist fantasies a la Hothead Paisan. http://www.hotheadpaisan.com/
15. Turn down the sound.
16. Read some theory.
17. Brainstorm.
18. Hang out.
19. Take your time.
20. Convene a Relaxed Response Network.
21. Take a nap.
22. Wander, web surf, find some crazy convergences, like:
the "Anger Bars" in China where people go to drink and destroy things (http://news.bbc.co.uk/nolavconsole/ifs_news/hi/newsid_6200000/newsid_6205600/nb_rm_6205699.stm); or the "Complaints Choirs" that invite people to get together and sing out their complaints (http://www.ykon.org/kochta-kalleinen/complaintschoir.html).
23. Try a dérive.
24. Consider how market fundamentalism and the individualizing of social problems produces exhaustion.
24. Remember, you're not the only one feeling depleted.
25. Turn up the sound.

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