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We refer here to Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri's two-part enunciation, Empire _and _Multitude. These books come from a post-68 ethico-political theoretical discussion about the specificity of modern forms of power, especially capitalist power; of labor-related subjectivities; of the relation of instrumental reason and physical domination to mental and affective singularity that can never be fully dominated or determined; it focuses on the instability capitalism always creates as a destructive productivity that produces opportunities for changing the experience of work, kinship, energy, subjectivity, ideology, and commmunity. There's a weird way that it's trying to recalibrate utopianism and pragmatism. We could write a book review. It would be solidaristic, frustrated, and critical. But this is mostly a shout-out to a kinship with the big ambitions of a politics that's greedy to reframe big pictures, make claims, be contradictory, and attend to feeling and affect as empirical knowledge within the political.

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