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Emotion is what emotion does. It is the mediated bodily intensity you learn to recognize as your or your body's expressive response to a situation. By the time your response is an emotion you have evaluated it, categorized it, located yourself within it, made it your property, even if the kind of property it is is garbage. Many different disciplines are working in many different and incommensurate registers of evidence, argument, and evaluation around what even the thing of emotion is: from neural event to social norm. Our task here is not to establish an expert hierarchy of approaches and definitions, but to provide a working concept, a concept you can work with.

The political sphere is itself saturated by accounts of political emotion as an event that must be handled. "Turn your grief into anger," "it's time to move on," "get over it," "stop being self indulgent," "you're too: critical, sentimental, hysterical, out of touch. Populism is deemed an emotional appeal, etc. The right and the left have various ways of understanding emotion. Disparage....manipulate...the question of appropriateness and inappropriateness. Norms. Maturity, RATIONALITY, PRAGMATISM, tyranny of.
This is not a merely academic topic, although discussions are happening everywhere (irrespective of our political agenda) about what it means to have hardwired responses, mind-body continuity or discontinuity, and so on. These new knowledges are being improvised: the vocabularies are in flux.

In other words, pedantry can produce solidarity, but come on: we're pissed off, we're furious, we live in disbelief, we rage, we're surprised by nothing, we're sick in the head, the gut, the heart, all the viscera are twisted and exploding; we're reading poetry, listening to music, making pictures and lists, trying to win the war of attrition and to kick a wedge in the closing door of political analysis, performance, tonality, fantasy.

Emotions are all tied up in traffic and frustation and nonsense communication and paranoia of communication because it's so stopped and shortened and the windows that won't open and the hot box of the cute little pink girl sitting giving out information about traveling on the pink line.

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