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Subcategories proliferate here beyond our capacity to capture them adequately and nonetheless we proceed with all of the confidence that we will fail to be comprehensive: in other words, a feel tank must demonstrate fidelity to anxiety, a sense that taking up a position in it will teach us about political fantasy and its contingencies. Things both are and are not what they seem. Knowledge matters but it is not an event that blocks anything. Emotions are expressions and defenses. Institutions that had previously been minorly regulated by structures of responsibility are fraying even their phantasmatic sutures yet imperatives to reanimate public and political obligation continue to flourish. Anxiety is the new realism. The atmosphere is anxious, traversing the vigilant and the numb.

FREE-FLOATING anxiety is often a political feeling that doesn't remember its source, emerging as a halo, almost, amidst fleeting encounters that barely register as events--for example a news headline that flashed up or a story overheard that embeds itself in your soma somehow and spreads out, returning as a conversation you remember having with someone, or perhaps overhearing. Free floating anxiety is about a sense that something has happened or is about to happen, such that the present moment dissolves, awaiting a defining event. Free floating anxiety might be a defense against knowing something definite; or it might be a prophetic affect, a pre-experience of future experiences of contingency.

OBJECT-FOCUSED anxiety is another way of saying fetish.

OBSESSIONAL anxiety: when the fetish leaks, starts to fail to manage being out of control over x situation and the terrible loss that will ensue.

See also, SECURITY, phony sense of

Aieeeee it's a funny feeling at the top of my lower digestive tract with fumigations rising up into my brain and pouring out my eyes with confusion and pain and panic and everything going all bad all of a sudden but it can't be a sudden if it was always everywhere going bad. Did she read a tone into my email that I didn't mean? Does my hair look OK? Will the front axle break on the freeway?

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