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We have began a very small project to develop low resolution 3d model prototype of the Phoenix Hall (also known as H-o-o-den Pavilion). We aim to complete the prototype by end of summer quarter August 31, 2007.  We hope this prototype will serve as good start for future projects. Please check back to see results of our work.

Prototype plan of work: 

  1. Gather references to available material
  2. Acquire images of the internal and external views
  3. Create interior of model (exterior already developed by UCLA - UST)
  4. Find relevant paintings which were displayed on the walls and doors of Ho-o-den Pavilion
  5. Acquire necessary permissions to display the paintings in our model
  6. Incorporate the paintings into the model
  7. Make the model accessible

Useful and necessary things:


  • Google Sketchup Pro 6
  • Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007
  • Photoshop CS 3


  • Dell Laptop w/512 MB NVidia video card
  • Optical external mouse
  • 4GB backup memory key
  • Sony F707 digital camera
  • HP flatbed scanner

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