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                                                                                                                                Photograph by Keihly Moore 07.2007

This project represents an attempt to understand new aspects of one of the oldest and most important art forms in Japan and their context, that is, wall paintings and the complex relationships between wall paintings and the architectural spaces for which they were created.   Japanese architectural space, from the eighth century until the modern age, was composed of rooms that were defined and separated primarily by sliding doors. The sliding doors were at once both the walls and doors of the individual rooms, and also the surfaces on which famous painters throughout history were commissioned to paint large-scale artwork. These works of art were carefully created in order to function in ways that would be appropriate to the social levels of the inhabitants, to the nature of the building, and to the activities that occurred within the rooms.  This project will focus on several neglected aspects of these complex relationships between wall paintings and architectural space, to wit, the kinetic aspect of the paintings and their movement through space, the ensemble function of the paintings and surrounding elements, and the deciphering of hidden meanings behind these complex artistic programs.

Location information:

Byōdō-in Temple 平等院: Google Maps, Google Earth, Wikipedia
Phoenix Hall 鳳凰殿 (Ho-o-den Pavilion): Google Maps (Burned down in 1940s), Google Earth, Wikipedia
Byodo-In Temple 平等院 Replica: Google Maps, Google Earth, Wikipedia

*After downloading the Google Earth KLM file you may need to double click to start it, if you do not have Google Earth please download free copy from

                                                                                                                                Photograph by Keihly Moore 07.2007

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