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If you plan to record the video (and audio) of an event, rather than a screencast we strongly recommend that you consult with us well in advance of your event. In many cases it will be better to outsource this task to the Chicago Media Initiative Group (CMIG) to ensure that the video of your event is professionally lit, recorded, and edited. CMIG can deliver your final (edited) video in a format compatible with Podcast Producer.

For these reasons, the instructions below assume that your video has already been recorded.

Editing Instructions:

We recommend the use of iMovie (Mac) or MoviePlus X3 (Windows), to edit your video recording. This usually involves cutting off unneeded footage at the beginning and end of the recording and possibly adding front (i.e. title) and end credits. There are a very large number of other free or very affordable Mac and Windows applications available for editing video. Please consult with CMIG for details.

Please save your finished work as a high-quality, full resolution QuickTime (.mov) movie. Please contact us or CMIG for details.

Uploading Instructions:
  1. Ensure that you have access to your video files and to the internet (preferably via an ethernet based, on-campus connection rather than wireless or off-campus DSL).
  2. Go to the Podcast Producer Web Controller website. The session is secure.
  3. Enter your Podcast Producer login credentials (please contact Carl Nash, for information on getting an account).
  4. Choose your saved video file.
  5. Unless you have requested a custom workflow, leave the Workflow setting at Default.
  6. Enter the Title and Description of your video.
  7. Click the Submit button.
Upload Progress
The Web Upload form may not accurately report upload progress, leading you to believe that an upload has completed before it actually has. If possible, leave your browser window open until you receive an email reporting that the encoding process is complete.

Your file will now be uploaded to the Humanities Podcast Producer server. Shortly after the upload has completed you will receive an email with instructions for filling out the required web form with additional information, and links to the ready-to-use web/email, podcast and RSS versions of your recording.

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