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This page documents branding guidelines for academic websites associated with the Humanities Division.

In general, all guidelines from also apply to Humanities Division sites. The Division has a separate set of wordmarks that should be used instead of the generic UChicago logo/wordmark for Humanities related groups. All Humanities websites and graduate student workshops with faculty sponsors in the Humanities need to use the Humanities wordmark. Interdisciplinary sites, joint Humanities/SSD and other workshops may want use the University of Chicago wordmark.

For web fonts, the Humanities Division uses the University's Proxima Nova license and maintains a TypeKit subscription for web access to the University's serif font, Adobe Garamond. Both of these systems are set up for use within the Division's Drupal and Wordpress environment. If you have questions about how to use the University fonts on Humanities websites contact Humanities Computing.

How to link to a Wordmark

Image Tag

Feel free to substitute other sizes as needed by the site in question. Avoid going below 200 pixels in width or above 400. Always scale the height proportionally so as not to skew the text. The logo aspect ratio is 20:3. Leaving off the height or setting it to the CSS value of auto will have the browser automatically scale to match your chosen width.

<img src="//" width="300" alt="University of Chicago, Division of the Humanities" />
CSS background
selector {
    background-image: url(//;
    background-size: 300px 43px;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
Internet Explorer 8 Support

If your website needs to support Internet Explorer 8 you will need to do some additional work to set up fallback CSS or HTML to work around problems with this old software. Please contact Humanities Computing for more details.

Wordmark Files

For the convenience of our departments the Division provides hosting for Divisional and some University wordmark files that can be linked to directly. The vector/svg format logo is the preferred option and will provide maximum quality and the ability to scale to any size or screen resolution. A limited quality png file is also provided if your site needs a fallback option to support Internet Explorer 8. When linking to these please use protocol relative URLs (//humstatic.. rather than http://humstatic...) so that they will work on both HTTP and HTTPS sites.


Grey / Maroon



University of Chicago Wordmark






graphics graphics Delete
logo logo Delete
humlogo humlogo Delete
uclogo uclogo Delete
wordmark wordmark Delete
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  1. Sep 29, 2009

    Sean Pue says:

    What typeface is being used for the wordmark?

    What typeface is being used for the wordmark?

    1. Oct 14, 2009

      abosse says:

      I believe it's Adobe Garamond Pro - you'll need to buy your own copy of the font...

      I believe it's Adobe Garamond Pro - you'll need to buy your own copy of the font.