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After you have prepared your screencast, video or audio files, and uploaded these to the Podcast Producer server you will receive an email with a link to a custom web form. The initial title and description of the recording you uploaded will already be filled in. After you have filled out the remaining fields (described below) and saved your form you will be directed to a page with links and embed to your compressed media which you can paste into an email message or copy onto a website or blog.

Sample Webform

Please note that all fields with the exception of "RSS Series" must be filled out before we can forward you to the Podcast Producer Media page with links to your media files, custom embed code for your website or blog and optional RSS feed.

Explanatory Notes

Web Form Question 
Please select the group with primary responsibility for this recording. Note: This field will only appear
if you are producing recordings for more than one department or group.
Select the academic department or sponsor associated with your recording.
Please contact us if you need to add a sponsor to the list.
Full title of the talk, presentation or event.
Full name, without honorifics (i.e. no Prof., Dr. etc.).
Comma separate multiple speakers.
Please limit this to 150 words or less. 
Please enter these all in lowercase, separated by commas. If you wish you may wish to choose
from a list of keywords used in prior recordings.
Date of Recording
Initially set to the day you uploaded your media file. Please adjust as needed.
Location Defaults to Chicago, IL. Please contact us if you need to specify a different location.
RSS Series (optional)
If your presentation is part of a regular series, please select it here. Contact us for details.
Publish to RSS feed
If you are ready for your presentation to be published to your RSS feed, please check this box.
The default position is "off" to prevent test recordings from publishing appearing in your feed.
Language Please contact us if the language of the presentation is not listed here.
Only a single primary language may be selected.
Submitted By Set by default to the submitter's CNetID.
Set by default to the University of Chicago.
Set by default to a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-commercial, No Derivatives, Unported v3 content license.
Please contact us if you have questions about the license.

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