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Video Samples (screenshots and live links)

The two thumbnail images below (click on an image to see it in full size) show what a video looks like after it has been processed by Podcast Producer. The first, smaller (320x180) screenshot is from the web version of an uploaded video. This version is intended for use on websites or blogs. The second, larger (640x360) screenshot is of the podcast version. This version is intended for use over fast internet (e.g. campus) connections or as a downloadable podcast file which can be viewed from the desktop or transfered to a mobile device such as an iPod/iPhone/Palm/Blackberry etc.

Note that the screenshots show images of the video playing without a control/progress bar. The bar appears when you place your mouse cursor over the movie. You can test this live by clicking the following links for the web and podcast versions of the movie.

Screencast Samples (screenshots and live links)

The following thumbnail images (click on an image to see it in full size) provide examples of a PowerPoint lecture recorded and processed with Podcast Producer. The first image is of the web version and is best suited for distribution on a website or blog. The second image is of the podcast version which is best suited for downloading as a podcast for viewing on a desktop or on a portable media device such as an iPod/iPhone.

iTunesU Sample (screenshot and live link)

If you have Apple's free iTunes player installed (Mac & Windows) you can follow this link to see an example of content created with Podcast Producer in iTunesU. The audio and video files listed here are from the CEERES Albanian Linguistics Workshop held at the University of Chicago in February, 2009.

Audio Sample (live link)

Finally, here is a link to an audio only recording of a lecture prepared with Podcast Producer.

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