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What are the key benefits of using Podcast Producer?

You can use Podcast Producer to quickly and easily publish a lecture and accompanying PowerPoint slides as a single video ("screencast") on a website or to a multimedia file which can be downloaded and viewed on a mobile device such as an iPod. Podcast Producer can also be used to prepare pre-existing audio and videos for easy dissemination on a blog, website or iTunesU.

If I put a presentation on the web, does this mean that anyone will be able to view and copy it?

Not necessarily. Although Podcast Producer presentations are intended by default to facilitate public and easy distribution of media over the web, it is still possible to limit access and copying of your content by placing the media on a password protected page or a University of Chicago only website. Please contact us in advance if you intend to use Podcast Producer in this manner

Who is allowed to use Podcast Producer? Is there a fee associated with its use?

The use of Podcast Producer is free to all faculty with primary appointments in the Humanities Division, academic departments, coordinators of graduate student workshops in the Humanities, and to all full-time Humanities staff. Access may also be given to units affiliated with the Humanities on a case by case, fee basis. Please contact Carl Nash, Director of Events in the Humanities, for details. With the exception of eligible CAS workshops, Podcast Producer is not available for use by students or student organizations.

Do I need to get permission from my speakers/performers before I publish their content using Podcast Producer?

Yes. You will be asked to fill out a Permissions Form (PDF) prepared by the University's legal counsel for this purpose.

Was  the technology used in Podcast Producer developed by Humanities Computing?

Podcast Producer is based on an identically named service bundled with Apple OS X Server . Humanities Computing has added a several customizations to create HTML 5 based web previews, added Ogg Theora and Ogg Vorbis as output formats, quickcodes for easy publishing to Drupal and WordPress, and a separate web-form to capture Dublic Core metadata for use on iTunesU and a future digital repository at the university library.

What is iTunesU?

iTunesU is an area in Apple's online iTunes Store set aside for freely available video and audio podcasts and related media from higher-education institutions. Many of our peers (Yale, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Oxford, Berkeley..) already have a substantial presence on iTunesU. The University of Chicago is currently building its presence on iTunesU.

Are the presentations created by Podcast Producer compatible with iTunesU?

Yes. We've taken great care to ensure that presentations processed by Podcast Producer can be transfered "as is" to Chicago's iTunesU presence.

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