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With Podcast Producer 2, it is now much easier to 'brand' your videos with intro and outro sequences, watermarks and more. These modifications are part of a custom workflow and would be applied to any videos you upload through that workflow.

You can select from the following branding options:

Lead-In Sequence

A short video that will be prepended to your video. This video should be at least 640x480, but preferably as large as your largest source video.


There are a wide variety of transition effects available for transitioning between your intro and outro sequences and the uploaded video. For example, 'scale', 'wipe', and 'page curl'.


There are a number of title effects available. This is a brief sequence immediately before the start of the uploaded video. It would typically contain the Date and Title of the upload.


You may watermark your video with a logo or photo. This logo will appear on every frame of the video.

Lead-Out Sequence

Same as the 'Intro Sequence' option, but at the end of your video.

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