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Updating Existing Departmental Websites

Departments may send requests for content updates to their websites (e.g. new course listings, faculty CVs etc.) to Humanities Computing will make these updates to your site at no cost. Please allow for 3-5 business days to complete an update request. If possible, please bundle separate requests into one email since this makes it much easier for us to track requests from different departments. Please include the full web address (e.g. when referencing pages that need to be updated.

If you have any questions about web updates, please contact Peter Thorson (

Creating New Departmental Websites

Departments may elect to have their websites redone by 1) Humanities Computing (at no cost, on the basis of pre-defined templates) or 2) by NSIT Web Services or an outside design firm.

1) New template based websites created by Humanities Computing

Humanities Computing can offer departments a selection of Design Templates for new departmental/committee sites; assistance in customizing the look & feel of the template, and help in transferring content (text, images, attachments) to the new site. All of these services are available to departments at no cost. Departments in turn are responsible for producing all of the content on the new site in accordance with the content guidelines and the new site process document.

In our experience, the process of writing new content and updating old content takes a significant amount of time, and departments should allow themselves circa 3-4 months from the start of discussions to the launch of the new site. Any department interested in completely redoing their current website should first contact Humanities Computing to discuss the process, our respective responsibilities and the overall timeline for the project. Once a site has been launched, departments may contact Humanities Computing via to arrange for free content updates & revisions.

2) New websites created by NSIT Web Services or outside web-designers

Alternatively, departments are welcome to work with NSIT Web Services or an outside design firm to commission a new site provided that this work meets a set of minimum technical requirements, adheres to the content guidelines for new academic sites and includes required standard graphic elements (such as the Divisional logo). Departments should plan to spend circa $5000-$9000 if this work is done from scratch by NSIT or a professional design firm. In some circumstances, NSIT Web Services may be able to produce a new site based on one of their internal templates for c. $3500 - $5000. NSIT currently charges a base rate of $80/hr for web design and site update work (including in person, email and telephone consultations). Once your new site has been launched, departments may contact Humanities Computing via to arrange for free content updates & revisions.

Departments must contact Humanities Computing (see below) if they are planning on pursuing this option so that we can ensure (in writing) that the site will meet the necessary technical, content and graphical standards set by the Division and that the designer will provide all associated original digital files alongside the final site code.

We can also provide departs with references to local web design firms that have existing relationships with units at the University of Chicago.

If you have any questions about commissioning NSIT or an outside web designer to create a new website , please contact Humanities Computing.


Design Templates - Design templates for new departmental/committee sites
Content Guidelines - Content categories for new departmental/committee sites
Required Common Site Elements - Standard graphical & other required site elements.

Technical Web Development Standards - Technical standards for new websites
New Site Process Document - Laying out the process/timelines for the creation of new departmental/committee sites

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