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Welcome to all students, instructors, and speakers of Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, and Serbian!

This is an early version of a searchable online "database" (currently two PDF files) that compiles the aspectual pairs and English definitions of Croatian and Serbian verbs. Our project is designed for learners at all levels of the language, and instructors and researchers in South Slavic linguistics. The online resource contains 4,000 of the most commonly used Croatian verbs in Latin orthography and their 4,000 Serbian counterparts in Cyrillic orthography. The database gives multiple imperfective and perfective forms of the selected verbs, their verbs’ lexical prefixes, their case governance, and their English meaning. Given that verbal aspect is one of the most difficult-to-master characteristics of Slavic languages, this will be a valuable resource to help the user navigate this complex system with confidence and choose the right verb for the right situation.

I encourage you to leave comments and suggestions on how this resource could be improved either anonymously in the "Comments" section at the bottom of this page, or by contacting me directly through the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Chicago.

Nada Petković-Djordjević

Project Director

Main collaborator: Miro Marcikić
Additional Collaborators: Andrew Dombrowski, Christian Hilchey
Project advisors: Howard Aronson and Steven Clancy

List of abbreviations used in the PDF files:

arch. = archaic
coll. = colloquial
com. = commercial
cul. = culinary
eccl. = ecclesiastical
eng. = engineering
euph. = euphemistic
der. = derogatory
D.P. = data processing
fig. = figurative
fin. = financial
form. = formal
Ger. = German
gram. = grammatical
hist. = historical
hum. = humorous
I.T. = information technology

jarg. = jargon
jur. = juridicial
lit. = literary
med. = medical
mil. = military
mus. = musical
Orth. = Orthodox
reg. = regional
rlg. = religion
sch. = scholastic
sl. = slang
sp. = sports
tab. = taboo
theat. = theater
Tur. = Turkish
vulg. = vulgar

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