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This is the home page for the Art 101 Curriculum space.

Module Drafts






And some questions/issues...


  • Are we losing some of the more creative or conceptually-oriented topics by being so object-oriented?
  • Should there be topics that cross field boundaries? (Whether it's because they are conceptually oriented, or because they bring in comparative material?)
  • Should there be one or more units that EVERY section of Art 101 does - a formal analysis module, for instance? (Aden's first medieval option might come the closest.)

Some themes

  • replication and relations between images
  • image-text relations
  • the sacred (and the secular)

Recurring authors

  • Schapiro
  • Clark
  • Krauss
  • Bois

Inventory of local object case studies

  • Smart and AIC lekythoi
  • Tintoretto's Rape of Lucretia (AIC)
  • Speculum Romanae prints (Regenstein)
  • Ida Noyes theater mural/film
  • Chinese painting and/or calligraphy (need some help from Ping on locations)
  • Picasso/Kahnweiler (AIC)
  • Warhol and Lichtenstein Shopping Bags (Smart)
  • Heartfield AIZ cover and Lissitzky's children's book Story of Two Squares (Regenstein)

...what else? what are we missing that's important in art history?

Other exercises or ideas

Smart Museum guidelines

Sample past syllabi

Humanities Core Syllabi

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